Advanced Aesthetic Courses

Discover the key to advancing your career at De Felipe Dermatology and Trichology Academy ( DFDTA)

Our academy provides comprehensive education that will guide you towards the professional success you seek. With a modern international curriculum endorsed by VTCT ITEC, we reaffirm our commitment to the ever-evolving standards of the global aesthetic industry.

Whether you are a student or a medical professional, at our academy, you will gain solid knowledge, refine your skills, and work with the most advanced tools in aesthetics. We take pride in offering internationally regulated qualifications, globally recognized, giving you the confidence that your skills meet the highest standards and will set you apart in any country.

What sets us apart is our practical approach to aesthetics for doctors, healthcare professionals, and advanced beauty therapists. At DFDTA, you will not only receive a superior academic experience but also learn from licensed professionals with years of experience in aesthetic medicine worldwide. Our commitment is to provide an exciting, well-planned curriculum that positions you at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry. Join us and get ready to shine in your career!


Why get an online courses?

In the digital age, online courses have become a game-changer for students, providing unparalleled advantages. Choosing our academy for online learning means flexibility—tailor your study hours to your schedule. Geography is no limit, as our renowned faculty and cutting-edge curriculum are accessible from anywhere. Engage actively with multimedia, forums, and real-time feedback. Our courses accommodate various learning styles, ensuring a personalised experience.




Develop a thorough understanding of your course and the Industry Standards.



Develop and perfect your techniques.



Work with the most modern cosmetic tools, lasers, and medical aesthetic equipment.



Respect for your Client’s Safety and Customer Service Excellence.



That will set you apart and guarantee your success.



We provide the most globally recognized international certifications with the highest industry standards worldwide.

"It is our mission to provide an exciting, well-planned curriculum for the students, that will put them ahead in this fast-growing industry. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry through continuous research"

Dr. Íñigo De Felipe